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TwinBus technology

TwinBus technology - intelligent, simple and future-proof

TwinBus is the ideal technology for meeting all your intelligent building communications requirements. It boasts intelligent technical features, is simple to set up and install and is future-proof for virtually all application areas - from new building constructions to renovations, from compact intercoms for smaller accommodation units to sophisticated applications in larger properties.

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The intelligence of TwinBus technology

With TwinBus, all devices and components such as intercoms, staircase intercoms and door intercoms are connected up via a bus line.

The TwinBus network device performs central control tasks and also provides the bus voltage.

A special feature of the TwinBus is that it enables networking of up to 3 bus lines and a total of 90 participants.

The maximum cable length for each bus line is up to 280 metres.

This makes TwinBus technology a perfect solution for larger properties too.

The advantage of using 3 bus lines is the system will be extremely reliable. If one participant happens to be out of order for a while due to renovation work for instance, the functioning of the overall system is not affected.

Flexible bus technology also means it is simple to add extra functions or participants at any time.

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Space-saving and simple

A distinguishing feature of the TwinBus is its simple assembly. To install a video intercom for instance, only two flush-mounted boxes are required.

The video signal, audio signal and voltage supply are fed a connector terminal strip by just one multi-core cable and then attached to the rear of the intercom. It couldn't be simpler.


Ideal for retrospective fitting

TwinBus is not just an ideal solution for new building constructions, it can also be used with existing cables when old buildings are being renovated.

The system uses the existing cables as a bus line, thereby helping to keep the number of reinstallations to a minimum.


Fast 1-man installation

TwinBus makes life and working that much easier - especially when it comes to commissioning the system. Only one electrician is needed for this. To do this, simply press the programming button on the intercom then the bell push-button. The participant will now be programmed into the system.

Proof that TwinBus network devices are high performance is that residents need not be at home during installation. Bell push-buttons can be assigned even without access to the accommodation units.

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100% TwinBus. 100% combinable.

Want to combine a Merten intercom with a Ritto door intercom?

Need to use Ritto indoor telephones with Merten intercoms?

Want to fit Merten intercoms in existing systems retrospectively? No problem.

Merten and Ritto both use TwinBus technology. This opens up a vast range of possibilities meaning you can offer your customers a truly customised building communications solution.

Together, Merten and Ritto offer the most comprehensive range of intelligent building communications solutions on the market.

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TwinBus benefits at a glance

  • Flexible: Upgradable technology for building communications
  • Versatile: Suitable for both new buildings and renovations
  • High-performance: 3 bus lines for up to 90 participants, can be further expanded considerably using system components (e.g. TwinBus repeater)
  • Sophisticated design: Space-saving with simple installation
  • Fast: Clever 1-man installation
  • Convenient: Simple customer-oriented planning
  • Future-proof: Easy to expand existing systems


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