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Good design with system - System M

Design only makes sense when aesthetics, comfort and function all complement each other. This concept has determined the construction and design of System M. Main inserts and covers used throughout the system make it possible to playfully select different frame options. M-SMART today, M-PLAN tomorrow, and M-ARC the day after - a building block principle with an appealing idea and impressive sustainability.


> The System M switch range

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System M

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  • International Design Prize of the Federal State of Baden Württemberg Lebensart 2002

    The Design Centre in Stuttgart awarded this well-known international design prize to the impressive System M design concept in 2002.

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    Good Design Award 2002

    System M was awarded the Good Design Award by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design in 2002. This is the oldest and most important prize for the best and most innovative product designs and concepts.

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