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Surface-mounted movement detector

The numerous design prizes it has won are only one of the many arguments for choosing ARGUS surface-mounted movement detectors. Not only does it provides adequate lighting in areas a good distance from the light switch: it also puts uninvited guests into the spotlight - whether they want to be or not. Moreover, they can be installed very easily, have low-level protection to prevent intruders crawling underneath and can be cross-linked and adjusted easily via radio. And as you will have noticed, they look good, too.


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Product options

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Product solutions

A few application examples from the Merten product range.

The Argus movement detector system

Argus 220 Connect

Argus 220 Connect - well-equipped for the future. Thanks to an integrated interface for the radio module, system upgrades can be carried out in no time.


Argus 220 for 12 V Connect

Argus 220 for 12 V Connect - for the most beautiful time of the year. The 12 V low voltage variant can be easily connected to e.g. caravans, camper vehicles, holiday homes or boats. With an integrated interface for extension with a radio module.


Instabus-Argus 220 Connect

Instabus-Argus 220 Connect - a smart solution. Can be connected directly to the bus. Thus several movement detectors can be integrated into a network using a bus. This ensures safety all through the building. Switching, dimming and blind functions can for instance be triggered easily and conveniently using the three different movement detector outputs. Any movements detected are communicated discreetly to an information display in the form of text messages, and can be read there.


Argus 220 Timer

Argus 220 Timer - the flexible option. In addition to an interface for the radio module, there is also a light-sensitive switch timer. Thus, the lighting system can now be controlled by brightness, time and movement.


Argus 110/220 Basic

Argus 110/220 Basic - the price-effective base unit for perfect coverage quality with the latest lens technology and sensor electronics.

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Innovative technology

New detection sensors:

All Merten ARGUS outdoor movement detectors with 110° and 220° detection ranges will be produced and delivered with the latest infrared technology as of summer 2014. However, the familiar Merten item numbers will still be available. The advantage to you: even better detection for the same price.


Technical specifications for relay:

Max. switching capacity:

Incandescent lamps: 2200 W

HV halogen lamps: 2000 W

LV halogen lamps

with wound transformer: 500 VA

Electronic transformers: 1050 W

Capacitive load: 10 A, 140 μF


Improved relay:

When using lamps that need a ballast, high capacitive loads can occur for the switch-on current, causing malfunctions in the switch relay. For this reason, the relays for the ARGUS 220 outdoor movement detector were replaced by more durable variants. There is no extra charge for this improvement to the function scope.

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Radio push-button with labelling for the Argus movement detector system

The radio push-button for Argus movement detector system offers even more comfort and security. The push-button controls the permanent ON, permanent OFF, AUTOMATIC and SET functions. For example, at a garden party, permanent lighting is ensured by simply pressing the permanent ON push-button once.

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The advantages are as follows:

All-round protection, distinctive design, modern electronics and simple device installation.

Flexibility using an installation bracket

Installation at the outer or inner corners or on cylindrical components can be achieved using installation brackets.

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