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Rubber plugs and connectors

SCHUKO® rubber plugs and connectors from Merten are not just robust, current-carrying components for indoor and outdoor applications. Even when the going gets tough, they make sure that the current flow is regulated properly. Merten has plugs and connectors for almost every area of application. From cable extensions for DIY workshops right through to complex multiple connectors for use on constructions sites. A comprehensive range of special plugs and connector systems is available for domestic installations, business premises, hotels, laboratories, industrial kitchens and similar facilities.


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Product solutions

Some application examples from the Merten product range.

SCHUKO® all-rubber connector with snap collar

SCHUKO® all-rubber connectors stand out due to their extremely high breaking strength. This makes them ideal for use on building sites and similar locations.

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Screw cap for plug and connector with snap collar

Screw cap for plug and connector with snap collar. Suitable for rubber plugs and connectors, all-rubber plugs and connectors and heavy all-rubber plugs and connectors

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All-rubber SCHUKO® triple suspended connector

Splash-proof all-rubber SCHUKO® triple suspended connector made of form-stable rubber with a moulded hook and corrosion-protected hinged lids.

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All-rubber SCHUKO® triple connector

The heavy all-rubber SCHUKO® triple connector is a splash-proof industrial connector made of form-stable rubber. The moulded hook is equipped with holes for wall mounting. Snap collars and hinged lids are corrosion-resistant. Also available with 5 metre cable and integrated all-rubber SCHUKO® plug.

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