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When it comes to design-oriented switch ranges and solutions for intelligent buildings, Merten has been a leading name for many years. The fruits of this experience are on show in countless buildings round the world - in commercial properties such as hotels and office blocks, but also in private homes. Here you can find a selection of reference properties.

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Administration and office buildings

More and more companies are waking up to the advantages of Merten's intelligent building system technology. They are particularly attracted by the ability to save on energy costs and a reduction in installation costs when changes occur.


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Hotels and residential complexes

Not only house owners and guests welcome opportunities to make a stay as comfortable as possible. Hoteliers and investors around the globe also reap the benefits of innovative solutions from Merten. After all, they enable enormous savings in addition to increased comfort.


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Banks and commercial institutions

Merten's building system technology for lighting, heating/ventilation, blinds, alarm and access control systems have also proved themselves where it really comes down to hard figures: in banks.


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Hospitals and retirement homes

Aspects such as security, comfort and efficiency play an important role in hospitals and retirement homes, for managers and care staff as well as for patients and residents. With intelligent solutions from Merten, everyone gets what they need.


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Public buildings and schools

Merten's innovative building system technology is used to good advantage in public buildings the world over, both in new constructions and in modernised older buildings. From Argentina to Shanghai.


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