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QuickFlex® switch socket base

Installing switches and sockets is part of your everyday installation work. This means that simple, quick and safe installation of flush-mounted inserts is an important success factor for every electrician. Merten's new QuickFlex base system is the perfect stepping stone to success. 


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Connecting made easy

  • Plug-in terminals with funnel-shaped cable entries
  • Ergonomic: the connections are angled by 35°
  • Circuit diagram on rear for a safe overview of the wiring
  • Easy-to-operate, easy-access release levers
  • Low mounting depth for greater freedom of movement when wiring

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Aligning quickly and safely

  • Indestructible 1 mm stainless-steel retaining ring
  • Rounded edges make installation even safer
  • Glossy galvanised surface with alignment markings and labels
  • Proven interlocking system of retaining rings

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Intelligent Additional functions can be retrofitted without the need for disassembly work

  • Bases are pre-equipped for LED lighting modules: Just plug them in and you're done
  • Red or multicoloured LED lighting module can be used as a control light or as an orientation light.

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QuickFlex® brochure

You can download the QuickFlex brochure here.


> Download QuickFlex® brochure (PDF)

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Super-fast fastening

  • Just three short turns of the quick-fastening screws, and the base will sit securely in the box.
  • 100% safety due to fully insulated retaining ring
  • 100% flush claws for easy and safe installation in cavity wall boxes
  • Easy claw return

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Convenient front-side testing

  • Clear and easily recognisable connection markings
  • Test contacts allow convenient testing and measuring from front – without the need to disassemble the switch base

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At a glance

Here you will find all the advantages of the QuickFlex switch base at a glance.


> QuickFlex® switch socket benefits

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