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ELSO MEDIOPT care® nurse call system in System M design

Things have to happen quickly in an emergency! That is why reliability, safety and security are the major factors when it comes to nurse call systems. In this new, pioneering market, the ELSO MEDIOPT care® system not only meets the highest expectations on function, reliability and operating convenience; it can also be completely integrated into the System M switch programme from Merten.

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ELSO MEDIOPT care® – the highlights

Fulfils DIN VDE 0834 for nurse call display systems

• Various options for triggering the alarm

• Optical and acoustic alarm signals

• Various types of call to differentiate between distress levels

• Presence acknowledgement via cutout button in room

• Signals from other rooms are forwarded to the nurse's current location

• Electronic tagging by means of an unobtrusive transmitter and receiver

• Call forwarding on DECT

• PC interface for logging alarms on a protocol computer

• Module connection via BUS cables

• Address-coded data traffic

• High failure protection of independent modules

• Modules with discrete microprocessors

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