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M-Smart active white

Public buildings in particular can expect a high number of visitors.

The new System M switch range in the M-SMART ACTIVE WHITE design from Merten now offers long-term protection from germs and bacteria. The colour "active white" is also new. Similar to RAL 9016, active white is a fresh alternative to the existing white tones. The glossy plastic surface can be easily wiped free of dirt


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Product options

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Areas of application

System M in M-SMART ACTIVE WHITE design is particularly suitable for contract business. And especially for:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
  • Airports/Train stations
  • Office buildings
  • Canteen kitchens
  • Residential homes
  • Public institutions

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All the advantages at a glance

  • A natural, environmentally effect using non-harmful materials
  • Long-lasting protection and increased security against bacteria. 
  • Its glossy surface makes it easy to clean
  • With over 210 functions, System M from Merten offers a convincing solution for all applications. 
  • Your gain: a high-level long-term effect for a low investment.

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Solutions with M-Smart active white

Some application examples from the Merten product range.

Blind control with roller shutter switches

Alongside central raising and lowering of blinds, there is an appropriate control unit for additional protection from sun, cold and unwanted attention and burglary, which is also fitted with a sensor input for sun protection or with twilight function. All the individual components of the system can be interconnected as needed to form a system with group or central switching functions.

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Shading with blind time switches

There is a comprehensive range of control options, such as raising all blinds in the house at the touch of a button, lowering them again by a time switch in the evening and automatic control depending on light and weather.

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Temperature control with multi-function push-buttons

Merten offers you a number of control interfaces which enable convenient operation and provide a clear overview when setting the KNX. For example you have 1-4 gang push-buttons, multi-function push-buttons with room temperature control unit, indoor movement detectors and much more.

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More solutions

Further examples for intelligent living and working.


You've go to dash out of the house quickly – but you want to leave a message behind. No need for pen or paper – just speak your message into the Memobox. This little helper fits almost invisibly into the Merten switch design.

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Multi-functional clock

The multi-functional clock with integrated timer function is ideally suitable for use wherever precise timing is important. For instance, in the kitchen you will then always know when your steak is medium rare – or in the office you will know when a work session has finished.

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Merten switch manager

 Switch and socket combinations can be created quickly and easily using a standardized user interface. At the touch of a button, the combination can be converted into any range or colour variant. The price of the combination is also shown directly.


planning and calculating in an instant

 The Merten Switch Manager is a free software solution to help calculate and plan all the components required for switch installations, whether they be for a family home or an industrial space. This drastically reduces the effort required to create quotations.

Download here the Merten Switch Manager.

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