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In shape and material.

When developing M-Pure, Merten's main focus was on maximum clarity. The result was a new System M frame design whose shape and material follow the clean-cut principle through and through. The M-Pure Decor variant complements it perfectly with its natural materials. M-Pure optimally unites minimalistic design and sophisticated architecture.

Product options

  • M-Pure, aktivweiß
    M-Pure, aktivweiß
  • M-Pure, polarweiß
    M-Pure, polarweiß
  • M-Pure, aluminium
    M-Pure, aluminium
  • M-Pure, anthrazit
    M-Pure, anthrazit

M-Pure. No compromises.
In any architecture.

Clear-cut lines and a concise profile give M-Pure an individual and timeless character. It is this design consistency which allows M-Pure to fit into any architectural form.

Whether classical, functional or extravagant, M-Pure has what it takes to form a unified whole with every type of architecture.


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M-Pure. With System.

As a System M design range, M-Pure showcases intelligent technology and unlimited functionality. Over 280 functions and unlimited combinations make System M a highly flexible switch range which has received multiple awards.
The frames and rockers can be easily exchanged without having to switch the inserts. In this way, System M can be adapted to your functional and design needs, whatever they may be

Tastdimmer, 2fach
Jalousie-Taster, 2fach
Steckdose mit Lichtauslass und LED-Beleuchtungs-Modul
ARGUS Bewegungsmelder mit Schalter
KNX Taster 2fach plus mit Raumtemperaturregler