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M-Pure individualisation

Modern architecture has many faces. Particularly when it comes to the use of materials, metal, stone and wood often form the basis. The design variant M-Pure Decor prioritises the clean-cut principle and creates that personal touch using natural materials.Choose from a selection of more than 600 natural materials and surface structures and make your building and switches unique.


Whether the design is from natural wood or metal, is contrasted with unusual surface effects or is elegant and discreet.

This means flooring and panelling can form an individual harmonious unit with the M-Pure Decor switch frame designs. Discreet but with clear-cut lines and a distinct profile.


M-Pure Decor,Mooreiche Satin, aluminum
M-Pure Decor, Zebrano Pink Satin, anthracite
M-Pure Decor, Orange Satin, aluminum
M-Pure Decor, Syamcore Blue Satin, active white
M-Pure Decor, Metapal Messing, anthracite
M-Pure Decor, Bronze gebürstet, aluminum
M-Pure Decor, Alu Sable, aluminum
M-Pure Decor, Movinguie, anthracite
M-Pure Decor,Zebrano Straight Grain,aluminum
M-Pure Decor, Canadian birch, active white
M-Pure Decor, ash-wood, active white
M-Pure Decor, Lakritz gebürstet, aluminum