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Merten & Design

M-Plan II - flat and flush-mounted

Clarity and minimalism is the name of the game in modern architecture. With M-PLAN II, Merten has developed a series of switches which perfectly blend in with modern room design. M-PLAN II impresses with its minimalised form and flush-mounted installation. A mounted adapter enables the switches to be flush-mounted into almost all wall materials, with the result that the control interfaces disappear until they stand out just 3 mm from the wall. After all, less is more.


> The M-PLAN I / M-PLAN II switch series

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M-Plan II

  • International Design Prize of the Federal State of Baden Württemberg Lebensart 2002

    The Design Centre in Stuttgart awarded this well-known international design prize to the impressive M-PLAN II design concept in 2002.

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    Good Design Award 2002

    M-PLAN II was awarded the Good Design Award by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design in 2002. This is the oldest and most important prize for the best and most innovative product designs and concepts.

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    iF product design award 2003

    The iF design award, given by the "Industrie Forum" in Hanover, is a well-known trademark for excellent design.

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    red dot winner 2003

    The red dot design award is one of the largest design competitions in the world. The red dot stands for much more than just a competition, however: it is also the trademark for the best in design and business. In 2003, the jury awarded M-PLAN II this coveted design prize.

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    Intelligente Architektur 2004

    M-PLAN II was awarded a prize by the architecture magazine AIT for its outstanding architectural quality.

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    Nomination for the Design Prize of the Federal Republic of Germany 2004

    This design prize is the official design award for the Federal Republic of Germany. No other design prize sets such strict criteria for participants. For this reason, many people refer to the Design Prize as the "Prize of all prizes".