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KNX – Plan for intelligent future safety

Are you ready?

Comfort, security and flexibility represent constantly growing demands made on modern building technology. On top of this, there is a new energy awareness, there are the ever new technological trends and rising expectations concerning automated comfort solutions. Intelligent systems that will meet these requirements sustainably are in demand.


●With KNX you can rely on the world‘s open standard for house and building system technology.

●Meet requirements reliably and take advantage of the possibilities of this technology.

●With the extensive KNX solution range by Schneider Electric you will be able to meet the requirements today and in the future.

KNX combines current requirements into one system

KNX is the intelligent building control system for all areas in which people live and work. From single-family houses to office complexes, the comprehensive portfolio of KNX solutions from Schneider Electric enables you to achieve flexible, energy-efficient, comfortable and safe solutions that are easy to plan, install and operate.

Combining building control with technologies of the future


Everyone nowadays expects more comfort and convenience in their domestic and working lives. What is called for are comfortable solutions that can be operated straightforwardly and without fuss, to make living and working easier.



In order to allow for flexible room usage over several decades, it is necessary for building functions to be adapted to the users' requirements easily in a costeffective way – without the need for walls to be opened up and new cables to be laid.


Cost efficiency

Intelligent networking of all building systems can avoid unnecessary energy consumption and reduce operating costs on a sustained basis. The ability to expand modular KNX system

technology ensures economical solutions that are guaranteed to remain tailor-made over the long haul.


Safety and security

To let residents feel as safe as possible, building technology must be able to react in a fast and intelligent way in any situation and at any time. No matter whether the building is full of

life or quiet.