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Perfect working conditions

During everyday office activities, KNX solutions facilitate work and save energy – fully automatically. Adapting the lighting, heating and air conditioning to particular situations means that optimum working conditions can be achieved at any time. Unnecessary energy consumption is prevented by ensuring that loads are switched off automatically.

1. Reception – Certainly the perfect reception

Am Empfang fallen über den Tag verteilt unterschiedliche Aufgaben an. Ankommende Gäste werden an der TwinBus Türstation empfangen, die in die KNX Steuerung eingebunden werden kann. Abends bietet ein Touch Panel komfortablen Überblick, wo noch Fenster geöffnet sind. Die praktische Zentral-Aus Funktion stellt zum Feierabend sicher, dass alle eingebundenen Verbraucher abgeschaltet sind.

2. Individual office – Perfect surroundings for high efficiency

You need the right surroundings to be able to concentrate on what is important. Having the right temperature, ventilation and lighting for your workplace increases your sense of comfort and your working efficiency. Did you forget to deactivate the light or the heating/air conditioning when leaving the room? No problem, because the movement and brightness-dependent control deactivates all loads and saves energy costs.

KNX Argus presence detectors
KNX push-button plus with room temperature control

3. Open-plan office – Flexible lighting control

It is a normal situation in open-plan offices that employees do not leave their workplaces at the same time in the evening, but in dribs and drabs. Presence detectors over the desk clusters detect when areas are no longer being used, and then automatically deactivate the lighting. Constant lighting control ensures an ideal lighting

situation from morning to evening.

Argus KNX presence detector
KNX CO² humidity and temperature sensor

4. Conference room – Presentation mode at the push of a button

Presentation mode at the push of a button With KNX, it is amazingly easy to prepare a presentation. At the push of a button, the lighting is dimmed in the entire conference room, the blinds and the presentation screen are lowered, the sound system and the beamer are activated, and the heating or air conditioning are set to the required temperature. And if the meeting turns out to be a long one, CO2 sensors automatically activate the ventilation system.

KNX push-button plus and KNX push-button plus with room temperature control in the 2-gang frame