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KNX InSideControl

KNX InSideControl IP-Gateway

Verhelfen Sie Ihrem Zuhause zu noch mehr Komfort! InSideControl macht Smartphones und Tablets zu praktischen Fernbedienung für alle Gebäudefunktionen zu Hause oder Büro.


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KNX InSideControl IP-Gateway

The KNX InSideControl IP-Gateway connects the KNX installation with the IP network (LAN). In combination with the applications “InSideControl App/HD App”, the KNX installation can be controlled with up to 5 smartphones or tablet PCs.

The gateway supports the internet protocol DHCP simultaneously. The IP address can be assigned dynamically via a DHCP server or manually via ETS settings. When accessing over KNXnet/IP tunelling, a maximum of 5 simultaneous connections is possible. The gateway can additionally serve as a programming interface in order to connect a PC with

the KNX bus (e.g. for ETS programming with suitable ETS). With integrated bus coupler. For installation on DIN rails TH35 according to EN 60715. The bus is connected using a bus connecting terminal.


KNX software functions: 

Device name, IP address assignment (DHCP / Manual)

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InSideControl Builder

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InSideControl App/HD App for smartphones and tablet PCs

The application is available for the operating systems Apple and Android. It operates only with the KNX InSideControl IP-Gateway. The features of the application are being configured with the additional software InSideControl Builder.



The app can be used, for example, to individually control the lighting, blinds or heating or to call up scenes for simultaneously controlling several devices. In addition, messages can be received from the KNX installation, such as a wind message or the indication of the energy consumption.




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