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At Merten, design and innovation go hand in hand. Just as a reduced use of forms and high quality materials are the hallmark of all Merten products, innovation is a key issue of Merten. The continuous advancement of all products and solutions is the guarantor that Merten stands for intelligent solutions with a high benefit.

Discover the current innovations and experience just how new functions, technologies and solutions can make your building more intelligent, too.


For you, U.motion combines flexibility and simplicity in each individual work step. KNX, Door Entry Systems or IP: U.motion brings technologies together. In addition, VoIP telephony can be integrated straight away, if requested by your customers. No matter what technologies are used or what size of system is required – U.motion

makes planning, installing and configuring the complete customised solution easy.


Energy saving is not just a matter of conviction but is also a cost factor that puts money in your customers‘ pockets. U.motion offers the optimum basis for energy efficiency and can be expanded with additional components as required.


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M-Creativ is now also available in polar white.

M-Creativ is now also available in polar white. The advantage is that in hidden areas, such as behind cabinets, affordable sockets and switches can now be mounted in the same design. Creative individualists and design aficionados can arrange their light switches and sockets as they wish in all visible areas. Switches, dimmers, sockets and their frames can be covered with your favourite colour or wallpaper, a photo or a self-drawn picture – and replaced as often as you like.


> M-Creativ polar white

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M-Pure individualisation


Modern architecture has many faces. Particularly when it comes to the use of materials, metal, stone and wood often form the basis. The design variant M-Pure Decor prioritises the clean-cut principle and creates that personal touch using natural materials. Choose from a selection of more than 600 natural materials and surface structures and make your building and switches unique.


> M-Pure individualisation

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New TwinBus video intercoms now in System M design variants

Simple, functional shapes: this is the concept behind the new M-Pure frame design in System M, which pursues the clear-line principle in terms of shape and material. To complement this, the particularly elegant casings of the TwinBus Video intercoms are now also available in the colour variants active white and glossy polar white in brilliant thermoplastic as well as in aluminium (coating) and anthracite in classy matt thermoplastic.


> New TwinBus video intercoms now in System M design variants

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Argus surface-mounted movement detectors

Argus surface-mounted movement detectors have a lot going for them.

Not only do they provide adequate lighting in outdoor areas that are far removed from a light switch, they also put uninvited guests into the spotlight – whether they want to be or not. With sophisticated technology for angles of detection from 110 to 360 degrees, the option of convenient radio networking, setting and operating via remote control as well as simple installation, Argus surface-mounted movement detectors are indispensable for reliable all-round surveillance. They are ideal for house fronts, warehouses, halls, underground garages, entrances and staircases, to name just a few examples. And numerous design awards prove that they look good too.


> Argus surface-mounted movement detectors

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Dimmer Tool App

Although many lamps and LEDs are dimmable, they cannot be clearly assigned to the applicable dimmer inserts due to a lack of standards. The Dimmer Tool App from Merten can be used to easily check online which dimmer belongs to which lamp. You can now also use your smartphone or tablet to access the Dimmer Tool App when on the go and quickly and conveniently find the right combination of dimmers and lamps – this can be particularly useful when you have a customer visiting.


> Dimmer Tool App

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Sample Case from Schneider Electric Team


One case for 3 strong brands – Merten, Ritto, Schneider Electric.

Configure your own unique sample case! Make your selection from the 24 available new sample case modules and put together your own unique case!


> Sample Case from Schneider Electric Team



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M-Pure. The clean-cut principle.

When developing M-Pure, Merten's main focus was on maximum clarity. The result was a new System M frame design whose shape and material follow the clean-cut principle through and through. The M-Pure Decor variant complements it perfectly with its natural materials. M-Pure optimally unites minimalistic design and sophisticated architecture.


> M-Pure product page

> M-Pure product page

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