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Hospitals / retirement homes

Aspects such as security, comfort and efficiency play an important role in hospitals and retirement homes, for managers and care staff as well as for patients and residents. With intelligent solutions from Merten, everyone gets what they need.

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Clinic in the central institute for health, Mannheim

The old buildings:
The redevelopment of both old buildings has been underway since 1993. From the beginning, safety and security was a top priority. The requirement was an alarm system with visualisation capability.

Since the therapeutic and service buildings are spread over a large area, conventional technology was deemed unsuitable on fire safety grounds. The degree of automation is now 30 percent.

Scope of KNX

  • Patient emergency call system in WCs and washrooms
  • An KNX panel control in the duty rooms for all wards, on which alarm calls are shown and the power supply to the children's wards can be switched off
  • Individual room control and temperature monitoring in specific laboratories
  • Load management connected to KNX yielding an annual cost saving of 50,000 euro
  • Comprehensive visualisation software for the porter's lodge

The new building:
In summer 1997, the new research and administration block was completed. The degree of automation is 97 percent. As well as visualisation of all operating conditions in the porter's office, the building is equipped with an KNX-controlled sprinkler, alarm, ventilation and gas disconnection system. In addition, the buildings are equipped with lightscene control in the conference room, individual room control, an intercom and a camera system.

The Mannheim company Dietz Elektro-Service received the KNX Award in 1998 for the planning and installation of this complex system.


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St. Anna retirement home, Dinklage

Not only the architecture of this building was ground-breaking - so was its electrical installation. A load management system from HLT was implemented in order to ensure energy efficiency in the building, which was designed by the MDK Group in Cologne and offers space for 36 flats adapted to older persons' needs, 11 short-stay and 14 day-care places.

Thanks to KNX significant time and money was saved on the initial wiring, since only a bus line was necessary. The wiring of loads connected to the bus was arranged in such a way that no complications could occur. A visualisation software enables not only the central control and monitoring of applications, but also the display and printing of consumption reports.

The other functions implemented include constant lighting control for the corridors, temperature-dependent blind control, visualisation and central control for device states in individual rooms, a light call system and panic buttons in the duty rooms.

The system is rated at 750 kW, but so far the peak loads required have only been in the region of 30 kW. This means that an expensive upgrade of the local substation has been avoided.




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Further hospitals / retirement homes

Further reference projects in the field of hospitals / retirement homes:


Suhl Hospital, Germany


Kiel City Hospital


Bremen Central Hospital


Segeberger clinics


Brandenburg Hospital


Home for the disabled, Emden


Central care foundation "de Groen Brug", Almelo


Hartberg Hospital




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