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Energy efficiency with KNX

Rising prices are not the only reason that energy is such an important issue. The desire for careful husbanding of resources is the result of increased energy awareness. KNX-based energy efficiency solutions from Schneider Electric permit energy management from a single source.

Active energy saving

Energy saving solutions intermesh and can be perfectly harmonised with one another in order to put together the right system for every need. KNX systems can be expanded with additional solution components in such a way that even special areas are covered. This allows maximum energy savings while maintaining full comfort!


Measuring consumption and reducing it automatically

The PowerLogic EGX300 from Schneider Electric is an integrated gateway server and collects the consumption data for electricity, water, gas, oil and district heating. These data are stored and shown via the browser. The KNX Energy meter makes it possible to record the energy consumption of individual devices or groups of devices. Individual energysaving functions can be programmed, such as dimming, switching and retrieving scenes, as can alarms for specific threshold values. Actuator channels can be controlled depending on timers, brightness, temperature and movement sensors or meters to achieve additional energy-savings.

  • Switch Actuators with current detection
    Switch Actuators with current detection
  • KNX energy meter
    KNX energy meter
  • PowerLogic EGX300
    PowerLogic EGX300
  • Consumption data display in the web interface of the EGX300
    Consumption data display in the web interface of the EGX300