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What is EDIFACT ?
EDIFACT is the standard ensuring that many business operations between companies, sectors and countries, and particularly the routine transactions undertaken thousands of times every day, can be handled electronically regardless of the hardware and software used by either side.


EDIFACT stands for:
Electronic Data Interchange For Administration Commerce and Transport

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How was EDIFACT created?

For more than ten years, a United Nations group for the simplification of international trade procedures has been working to develop standards for data elements, codes and syntax rules in conjunction with EDI (Electronic Data Interchange). In Europe, the various professional working groups with members from countries and organizations in Western and Eastern Europe all report to the European Economic Commission. This international cooperation has resulted in the UN/EDIFACT standard.

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Your EDIFACT partner

We have decided to take up the recommendations of the Edifact Group made up of member companies from the associations VEG and ZVEI. The data structures are organized in accordance with the rules of the EDIFACT subset EANCOM. In the course of its investigations, the group discovered that a subset of the information contained in the EANCOM subset was sufficient to describe the transactions. It drew up structures for the message types Orders, Order confirmation, Delivery note and Invoice and specified the name EDILEKTRO for this basis for exchanging business data. In this context MERTEN supports the EDIFACT message "Order" ORDERS D93A version. At the moment the messages "Despatch advice" (DESADV) D96A version and "Invoice" (INVOIC) D96A version are in the testphase. To our suppliers we can send delivery schedules/forecasts (DELFOR) D97A version.


EDIFACT messages are exchanged between sender and receiver in EDIFACT format. Therefore it is necessary to convert the "Inhouse"-data into the EDIFACT format with a converter.

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Data transfer

We use the TELEBOX 400 service offered by Telekom for transferring data.

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What you have to do:

1.) Apply to Telekom (or a comparable service provider) for provision of the Telebox 400 service.
Telebox can be accessed in various ways (via the telephone network, by modem, ISDN line, Datex-P link). Select the appropriate form of access meeting your requirements and existing facilities.


2.) Choose and install a converter.
The purpose of the converter is to convert your data (e.g. orders) into the Edifact format and the incoming data (e.g. order confirmations, delivery notes) into your in-house format. This conversion is set out in "conversion specifications".


3.) Apply to the CCG for allocation of an ILN (International Location Number).
Address: Centrale für Coorganisation, Spichernstrasse 55, D-50672 Köln - Germany.


4.) Contact us to coordinate the organizational procedure and let us know your ILN and X.400 address.



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What else you need to know:

Our Telebox-Number: 2014569


Our X.400 address:
Land/Country ( C ) DE
ADMD (A) viaT
Nachnahme/Surname (S) Merten
Vorname/Givenname (G) Elektrotechnik
/Organization (O) Merten-Gummersbach
Allgemeiner Name
/Common Name (CN) Merten


Our ILN:



Person to contact for EDI:
EDIplam GmbH
Telefon +49 (0) 2302-95 665-25




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