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CONNECT radio system

Modernise the clever way - with the new CONNECT radio system
The new Merten CONNECT radio system is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to modernise their electrical installation. It offers a great amount of flexibility, comfort, safety and security where the control of functions like lighting, roller shutters, heating or multimedia is concerned. And all without having to tear open walls and lay new cables. Finally, the new CONNECT radio system works "comfortably without cables" and ensures very safe connections.

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Functional principle

Reliable function with reliable radio connections is the be-all and end-all of a mature radio system. And this is precisely what the CONNECT radio system offers.


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Intelligent solutions with CONNECT

The demands placed on a buiding change over the years. KNX adapts iteself to the new demands without new cables having to be used.


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Installation of the CONNECT radio system

The Merten CONNECT radio system's safe radio communications and simple installation make it convincing. It can be programmed and configured in an incredibly simple way, and thanks to the new diagnosis tools, the safety of its functioning can be checked with absolute certainty.


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