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Blinds control system

Wake up in the morning and raise all blinds by pressing one button? Lowering them at night again using a timer? And have various settings during the day depending on light and weather conditions? No problem a " with a blinds control system by Merten. With their comprehensive control options and sensor inputs for sun and wind protection and light sensitive switching, they will meet all your needs. Merten blinds control systems are available as designs of the model series System M, System Design, System Basis and Octocolor.



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Product solutions

Here are a few application examples from the Merten product range.

Wippe für Taster-Modul 2-fach
Taster-Modul Komfort 2-fach

PlusLink blind control system



Blinds in all rooms can be simply controlled using PlusLink. You can use the scene function to conveniently control all blinds from a central location at the push of a button, for example. PlusLink scenes can be set according to your individual wishes and changed flexibly each time, whether for sunshade purposes or for use as a security measure.


Rockers for push-button module, 2-gang

  • For System M
  • The rockers are attached to the 2-gang push-button module


Time switch module

  • For System M
  • For programmed and time-dependent switching of loads, such as lighting or blind/roller shutter motors


Rotating regulator

  • For System M
  • With rotary knob and four operating surfaces. The light segments arranged around the rotary knob show the status or serve as orientation lighting


> More information can be found here

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Taster-Modul Basic, 1fach
Taster-Modul Comfort, 1fach
Taster-Modul Basic, 2fach
Taster-Modul Comfort, 2fach

Push-button module Basic


For System M.

Push-button module without rocker. The push-button module is plugged onto the desired insert with a module interface and it is completed with the matching design of rocker for 1-gang push-button module. 




Switching locally

  • Electronic switch insert
  • Relay switch insert
  • Electronic switch insert, 2-gang (both channels simultaneously)
  • Relay switch insert, 2-gang (both channels simultaneously)


Switching/dimming locally

  • Universal dimmer insert
  • Universal dimmer insert, 2-gang (both channels simultaneously)
  • Control insert 1-10 V
  • DALI control insert


Controlling blinds/roller shutters locally

  • Blind control insert


Switching, dimming, controlling blinds/roller shutters globally

  • Central unit insert

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Remote-controlled blinds controls

Blinds button with integrated IR receiver for ease of use with the IR remote control units Distance 2010 and 2050 Programmable. With sensor connection for sun and twilight sensors.

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Time-independent switching with blinds timers

Convenient blinds timers with many functions such as random generator, daylight-savings time/seasonal switcher, astro function and many more. With and without sensor connection.

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Protection and comfort with wind sensors

The wind sensor serves to control the blinds depending on the wind force and is mounted on the roof or the house wall.

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