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Banks and commercial institutions

Merten's building system technology for lighting, heating/ventilation, blinds, alarm and access control systems have also proved themselves where it really comes down to hard figures: in banks.

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Ferrari showroom Seoul, Korea

The Ferrari showroom consequently consists of glass and metall on all levels. In this clear and transparent ambiance the traditional red sports cars are ideally accentuated. The Merten switch ARTEC in stainless steel features by its timeless design and the clear shape. Therefore, ARTEC counts already today to the classics just like the noble Ferrari cars. The perfect presentation of the Ferrari cars is based on the KNX BUS system controlling light and thus creating a pleasant atmosphere.


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Sparda Bank, Cologne

Sparda Bank's wish to bring the administration and branch offices together in one building was the opportunity to set up a new head office in the heart of Cologne.

The objective was to meet the bank's requirements for transparency, customer proximity, concentration of associated functional units and flexible modern electrical and air conditioning technology. The result is a modern, attractive bank building that reduces the needs of employees and customers to a common denominator, both in terms of presentation and function.

The solution:
The Landwehr company from Bergisch Gladbach was engaged to do the electrical planning and installation. After a detailed inspection of site conditions, Landwehr were certain that only modern building installation technology could meet the customer's requirements.

A visualisation software displays all the functions on screen for monitoring and control. The visualisation shows all the rooms and each individual floor on screen so that the building technician can check and resolve the situation immediately in the event of a fault.

KNX was installed in 188 rooms with 50 lines and seven areas. Over 50 dialog pages were programmed with the visualisation software and just under 1,520 devices (2,400 group addresses and 8,000 object connections) were used. The following individual areas were implemented with KNX:


  • Staircase lighting switched depending on brightness
  • Offices and dark areas fitted with movement detectors
  • Basic lighting subdivided into localised and indirect lighting
  • 4-gang push-button allows localised lighting to be switched on and off at any time
  • Movement-controlled automatic cut-out
  • Presence of people is also shown using visualisation
  • External lighting controlled by light-sensitive switches


  • Heating system switched on using movement detectors
  • Heating or the cooling ceiling controlled with room temperature control unit
  • Window contacts switch heating into frost protection mode
  • Humidity sensors give dew point alarm
  • Values at the actuators can be controlled uniformly for maintenance purposes using the bus system
  • All valves can be opened or closed

Blind control:

  • Blinds can be individually controlled during the day
  • Blinds opened automatically in the evening via the light-sensitive switch

Alarm/access control system:

  • Alarm transmitted to the security company
  • Window monitoring for alarm and heating control using closing contact
  • Key programming allows monitoring of who used which key to lock up when (KNX system)
  • Alarm system activation by time switch or key contact
  • Anyone with authorised access can disarm or arm the system by key at a later point in time than the pre-programmed switch-on time
  • Control of roller door and cupboards using key or programming

Josef Landwehr and his team have in the meantime equipped other Sparda Bank branches in Bonn and Bergisch Gladbach with KNX.


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Additional reference projects

Additional banking reference projects:


Sparkasse Lüneburg


Kreissparkasse Pinneberg


Kreissparkasse Bad Segeberg


Volksbank Lohne


Provinzial Versicherung, Kiel


Sparkasse Hartberg


Spaarbeleg Nieuwegein




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