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Merten & Design

Aquadesign: attractive and weatherproof

Creating a good design is a complex process. All sorts of technology and design requirements must be brought together to combine function and design. In developing Aquadesign, this meant combining the technical requirements for a switch range which is resistant to splash water with a visual appeal.


> The special Aquadesign flush-mounted range

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  • Good Design Award 2004

    The Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design gave the coveted Good Design Award to the AQUADESIGN switch range.

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    Focus Know-How in Silver 2005

    The combination of structural know-how and design was recognised by the jury of the Design Centre in Stuttgart with the Focus Know-How in Silver award.

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    Nomination for the Design Prize of the Federal Republic of Germany 2006 and 2007

    This design prize is the official design award in the Federal Republic of Germany. No other design prize sets such strict criteria for participants. For this reason, many people refer to the Design Prize as the "Prize of all prizes".

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