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 A switch range that lives up to its name. ANTIK has the elegance to match surroundings that need it most - buildings and rooms in a traditional, classical style. This switch series is a clear winner, thanks both to the high-quality materials used and the carefully conceived colour combinations for frames and inserts. Style, pure and simple.



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Product solutions

Some application examples from the Merten product range.

Control of blinds with shutter switches

Blinds and shutters can be raised and lowered – but this is not the only option. For additional protection from sun, cold and unwanted attention and burglary, use the matching control unit, which is also fitted with a sensor input for sun protection or with dimming function. All of the individual components offered in this system can be mixed and matched at the push of a button to form a system with grouped or centralised functions for easy control.

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Shade levels with blind timer switches

There is a comprehensive range of control options, such as raising all blinds in the house at the touch of a button, lowering them again by a timer switch in the evening and automatic control depending on light.

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System control with multi-function push-buttons

Innovative ease of operation is an outstanding feature of all ANTIK INSTABUS streamlined push-buttons. ANTIK multi-function push-buttons are available with or without the convenient infrared function.

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Temperature control with room thermostats

The control system for individual adjustment of temperature to suit you. Heating costs can be reduced through automatic heat reduction at night, and operation of underfloor heating is possible.

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Lighting control with movement detectors

Automatic lighting in the hallway, stairwell or other seldom-used rooms. This provides more security and also saves energy. With a surveillance range of 180°, the flush-mounted ARGUS movement detector for indoor installation is a clear choice for these areas as well. An optionally-integrated three-stage switch lets you adjust operation to suit your needs: permanent lighting, automatic or switched off.

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Merten switch manager

Switch and socket combinations can be created quickly and easily using a standardized user interface. At the touch of a button, the combination can be converted into any range or colour variant. The price of the combination is also shown directly.


planning and calculating in an instant

The Merten Switch Manager is a free software solution to help calculate and plan all the components required for switch installations, whether they be for a family home or an industrial space. This drastically reduces the effort required to create quotations.



Download here the Merten Switch Manager.

> Download Switch Manager

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